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Space between two icebergs, Sermilik Fjord

At få heavy fuel oil ud af Arktis – den aktuelle situation

Da mødet i Den Internationale Søfartsorganisations Komité for Beskyttelse af Havmiljøet (MEPC70) sluttede i London fredag den 28. oktober, hyldede Clean Arctic Alliance de fremskridt, som medlemslandene gjorde hen imod en udfasning af brugen af heavy fuel oil (HFO) på skibe, der sejler i arktiske farvande.

Heavy fuel oil use by vessels in Arctic waters

A submission by FOEI, WWF, Pacific Environment and CSC This submission to the 69th session of the IMO MEPC (Marine Environmental Protection Committee) highlights the concerns of the co-sponsors regarding the use of heavy fuel oil (HFO) use in the Arctic. HFO poses a significant hazard to the Arctic marine environment, including to wildlife and coastal communities, through the risk of spills that would be difficult if not impossible to clean up. The Burning HFO also produces harmful emissions.