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Infographic: Heavy Fuel Oil Spills - Case Studies of a Global Problem

Why Arctic Countries Must Go Further Than the IMO’s Weak Arctic Heavy Fuel Oil Ban

The IMO is on the cusp of missing a crucial opportunity to protect the Arctic - it has a last chance this June when the Arctic HFO ban is due to be adopted. IMO member states - particularly the Arctic nations - must stand up for the Arctic and its people and its wildlife by taking action to strengthen the Arctic HFO ban ahead of its adoption, and bring it into effect sooner than 2029.
Climate Home News: How the shipping industry can halve climate-warming black carbon in the Arctic

How the IMO and Shipping Industry Can Halve Climate Warming Black Carbon in the Arctic

The Clean Arctic Alliance believes that by mandating a switch of fuels, the IMO - and the shipping sector could win an easy victory by achieving a major cut of black carbon emissions in the Arctic. It would also be a win for the global climate, for the Arctic and the people who depend on its ecosystem for their livelihoods.