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nderwater Noise Webinar: Recent Innovations in Reducing URN from Ships

Letters to Frans Timmermans and EU Representatives: Arctic EU ship and climate policy and Black Carbon emissions

Letter from the Clean Arctic Alliance on the subject of Arctic EU ship and climate policy and black carbon emissions which calls for the Fuel EU Maritime proposal to be strengthened in ways to better protect the Arctic from black carbon emissions emanating from shipping.
How Black Carbon Emissions from Shipping Impact The Arctic

NGO Statement: IMO must tackle impact of black carbon emissions on Arctic

Recent IPCC reports and the developments at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow are a wake-up call that the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) cannot ignore. Countries must now build on their commitments to save the Paris Agreement’s 1.5° temperature goal with concrete action and halve shipping emissions by 2030 at the IMO.
Clean Arctic Alliance

Opening Arctic Climate Crisis Statement MEPC76 by Austin Ahmusak

An ambitious and effective short term GHG measure consistent with the Paris Agreement temperature goals is needed, as is immediate action to cut black carbon emissions from ships in or near the Arctic.
Letter to IMO Sec General: Last ditch battle at the IMO to save the summer sea ice!

Open Letter: International NGOs Urge Global Shipping Chief to Arrest Arctic Meltdown

International NGOs have sent an urgent letter to International Maritime Organization (IMO) Secretary-General, Mr Kitak Lim, calling on him to take action to address international shipping’s climate impact, ahead of Friday’s crucial decision on IMO measures on black carbon emissions in the Arctic.
HFO Free Arctic

Clean Arctic Alliance Manifesto for Russia’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council October 2020

During the Russian Federation’s two-year Chairmanship of the Arctic Council, the Clean Arctic Alliance is calling on Russia to focus on sustainable use of the Arctic, with a special emphasis on new mitigation measures for Arctic shipping which will minimise emissions, reduce the risk of oil spills, and address noise pollution.
Let's get Heavy Fuel Oil out of the Arctic

Manifesto Calls on Iceland to Take Arctic Council Leadership on Black Carbon Emissions

As this week’s Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting opens in Rovaniemi, Finland, the Clean Arctic Alliance has released a manifesto urging Iceland, which takes over the chairmanship of the Arctic Council, to demonstrate global leadership with respect to threats facing the Arctic region.
Clean Arctic Alliance

Clean Arctic Alliance Manifesto for the Icelandic Chairmanship of Arctic Council

During its two-year Chairmanship of the Arctic Council, Iceland will focus on sustainable development in the Arctic, with a special emphasis on the Arctic marine environment, climate and green energy solutions, people in the Arctic, and strengthening the Arctic Council. These comprehensive themes provide Iceland with the opportunity to demonstrate global leadership with respect to a region of the world that is in serious trouble.