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Exhaust emissions from Marine Diesel - Photo: Jonathan Eastland/Ajax/Alamy

MEPC 78: NGOs Demand IMO Kick-Starts Shipping Decarbonisation to Cut Arctic Melt

June 6th Webinar: Webinar: Rising temperatures, rising seas – IPCC’s 6th assessment reports, climate vulnerable communities and shipping action London June 6th, 2022:- As a meeting of the International Maritime Organization’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (IMO, MEPC 78, June 6-10) opens today, the Clean Arctic Alliance called on the IMO to deliver urgent action to curb climate impacts on the Arctic, by delivering meaningful short-term measures that would kick-start dramatic reductions in global greenhouse gas and black carbon emissions from shipping this decade. The IMO is set to address short-term measures to reduce GHG emissions, mid-term measures including strengthening the