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COP23 Shipping Event

COP23 Event, Bonn: Sea Blind – The Price of Shipping our Stuff

Join us at the Clean Arctic Alliance COP23 event in Bonn: Screening of Sea Blind documentary and debate on getting heavy fuel oil out of Arctic shipping.
Let's get Heavy Fuel Oil out of the Arctic

Our Ocean: Arctic Commitment Seeks Partners on Heavy Fuel Oil Ban

The Our Ocean conference in Malta was the venue for the launch of an an international initiative to end use of heavy fuel oil (HFO) by Arctic shipping. On Friday, October 6th as one of the ambitious commitments made during the conference, the Our Ocean Arctic Commitment aims to expand collaboration between the cruise industry, environmental NGOs and indigenous communities, in order to protect the Arctic environment, its wildlife and its peoples.
Cover Russian LNG report

Prospects and opportunities for using LNG for bunkering in the Arctic regions of Russia

The Arctic region of Russia is considered to be one of the key economic areas and can open up a crucial transit route, connecting Europe and Asia. A unique feature of this route is that there is a possibility to set up LNG bunkering facilities along almost the entire length of it, using natural gas from on- and offshore deposits. This report presents data, facts and arguments for wide LNG implementation in Russian Arctic.