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Politic Morning Mobility

Black Carbon and FuelEU Media Coverage

Climate activists with the Clean Arctic Alliance sounded the alarm this week that negotiators could delete a demand by the Parliament that the Commission use a review of FuelEU Maritime to consider changes to the list of pollutants that the regulation covers.
PPR 10-6-3 - A pathway for regulation of Black Carbon impacting the Arctic

PPR 10/6/3: A pathway for regulation of Black Carbon impacting the Arctic

Following over a decade of work on the impact on the Arctic of Black Carbon emissions from international shipping, this document sets out a possible pathway for the regulation of Black Carbon emissions from shipping impacting the Arctic
Tackling ships’ black carbon emissions in the Arctic through EU action

Is the EU About to Ignore the Impact of Shipping’s Black Carbon Emissions in the Arctic?

"The EU’s Fit for 55 Fuel EU Maritime Regulation outcome being discussed in Strasbourg this week already fails to include a provision to regulate black carbon emissions, the largest source of shipping’s climate warming impact after CO2 - cutting any mention of doing so in the future is not only deplorable, it makes a complete mockery of the EU’s own commitments made in its 2021 Arctic Strategy to lead the world on reducing Arctic ship pollution."