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PPR 11-7-3 - On the need to ban scrubbers (FOEI, WWF, Pacific Enviro...)

PPR 11-7-3 – On the need to ban scrubbers: Evaluation and Harmonization of Rules and Guidance on the Discharge of Discharge Water From EGCs Into the Aquatic Environment, Including Conditions and Areas

This document identifies impacts of scrubber wastewater on aquatic life, reports on rates of non-compliance, documents existing regional restrictions, provides proposals for prohibiting scrubber discharges in sensitive waters until banned globally, and recommends local and regional measures.
PPR 11-6-4 - Comments on PPR 116, PPR 1161 and PPR 1163 (Inuit Circumpolar Council...)

PPR 11-6-4 – Comments on PPR 11/6, PPR 11/6/1 and PPR 11/6/3 – Developing Concrete Measures to Reduce the Impact of Black Carbon Emissions from International Shipping

In this document the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) supports the approach in document PPR 11/6/1 to develop a marine fuel H/C ratio to inform a Black Carbon (BC) threshold and recommends that in document PPR 11/6 (report of the Correspondence Group) the engagement of Indigenous Peoples, communities and organizations be included in the development of BC mitigation measures to urgently reduce BC emissions from shipping in the Arctic and Inuit Nunaat.