MEPC75 Webinar: Why the IMO’s draft Arctic HFO regulation will not protect the Arctic, and how to fix it

MEPC75 Webinar: Why the IMO’s draft Arctic HFO regulation will not protect the Arctic, and how to fix it


Bryan Comer, PhD  Senior Researcher, International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT): The IMO’s proposed Arctic HFO Ban: Likely implications and opportunities for improvement

Mellisa Johnson, Executive Director, Bering Sea Elders Group:

Daniele Fest Grabiel, Wildlife Team Lead, US office of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

Moderator: Dr Sian Prior, Lead Advisor, Clean Arctic Alliance


The Event:

Date: Monday 16 November 2020 (on 1st day of IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee 75th session)

Time: 11:30 US Eastern time | 16:30 UTC | 17:30 Central European Time

Duration: 45 mins

With virtual meetings come virtual side events!

The Clean Arctic Alliance invites you to join an online event to present the reality and limitations of the draft Arctic HFO regulation prohibiting the use and carriage as fuel of HFO by ships in the Arctic, and why it is not fit for purpose and should be amended ahead of approval at the 75th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 75).

Why? The current draft regulation contains loopholes in the form of exemptions and waivers, meaning that a comprehensive ban on HFO will not come into effect until mid-2029, leaving the Arctic exposed to the growing threat of HFO spills for nearly a decade.

Join us to find out what the current proposed regulation will mean in practice in terms of HFO use – only 16% of HFO use will be banned when it comes into effect -, and the creation of a two-tier system of environmental protection and enforcement that the Arctic, its people and wildlife will have to contend with.

What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic.

Register here:

For more info or any questions, contact:  [email protected]

About the Clean Arctic Alliance

The following not-for-profit organisations form the Clean Arctic Alliance, which is committed to a ban on HFO as marine fuel in the Arctic:

90 North Unit, The Altai Project, Alaska Wilderness League, Bellona, Clean Air Task Force, Green Transition Denmark, Ecology and Development Foundation ECODES, Environmental Investigation Agency, European Climate Foundation, Friends of the Earth US, Greenpeace, Iceland Nature Conservation Association, International Climate Cryosphere Initiative, Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union, Ocean Conservancy, Pacific Environment, Seas At Risk, Surfrider Foundation Europe, Stand.Earth, Transport & Environment and WWF. For more information visit



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