Sea Ice Minimum: Arctic Shipping Lull Is Opportunity to Cut Sea Ice and Climate Impacts

Growth in Arctic shipping is Bad News and the result of a destabilised Arctic Environment

“There is no time for complacency. With a reported lull in international transit traffic passing through the Arctic’s Northern Sea Route this season, Arctic and other governments must seize the opportunity to massively crank up climate action on shipping, including by implementing green shipping corridors throughout the Arctic, to ensure ships moving through these waters considerably lower their impact on both sea ice and Arctic ecosystems, and on the global climate.”

Straits Times: Melting Arctic now faces geopolitical heat

Melting Arctic now faces geopolitical heat

Dr Sian Prior, lead adviser to the Clean Arctic Alliance, told The Straits Times that among the big issues are black carbon emissions, which “not only have a bad impact wherever they happen, but have an even greater impact in the Arctic because of the proximity of the snow and the ice”.