Webinar Video: Urgent Need to Cut Black Carbon from Arctic Shipping

Photo in video: Andrey Nyrkov / Alamy Stock Photo

Webinar organised by ABC-iCAP in collaboration with Clean Arctic Alliance

Wednesday 4th October 2023

This webinar consider how black carbon emissions from shipping impact the Arctic from diverse perspectives. It reviewed the status and need for continued mitigative actions on black carbon emissions reductions under the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and possibly under other international bodies.

The Arctic Black Carbon impacting on Climate and Air Pollution (ABC-iCAP) project is an EU-funded initiative supporting collaborative actions on the reduction of black carbon emissions from specific source sectors impacting the Arctic.

Made up of 21 not-for-profit organisations, the Clean Arctic Alliance campaigns to persuade governments to take action to protect the Arctic, its wildlife and its people.

Speakers & Presentations:

Sian Prior, Clean Arctic Alliance: Current Status of IMO Actions and Perspectives (PDF)

Liudmila Osipova, The International Council on Clean Transportation: Black carbon Emissions from Arctic Shipping: a Review of Main Emitters and Time Trends (PDF)

Andrew Dumbrille: Supporting Inuit Circumpolar Council’s Delegation to IMO: Inuit Perspectives on Climate and Health Impacts from Black Carbon Emissions from Shipping

John Bradshaw, World Shipping Council: Black Carbon Mitigation: IMO Progress and Abatement Potential (PDF)

Katelyn Wells, Environment and Climate Change Canada: Marine black carbon emissions and Canada’s Arctic Emissions Control Area (ECA) update (PDF).


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