LNG-Powered Shipping: A Nightmare for Arctic Ecosystems

Methane Emissions: The Invisible Horror That's Haunting Our Planet

Promoting the continued use of any fossil fuels, including LNG, will impede the transition to a zero emission economy. All Arctic nations should require all ships to urgently reduce emissions of CO2, black carbon, and methane by 2030, and move to alternative, non-fossil fuels and other forms of propulsion. 

Tradewinds Green Seas Podcast: The Rise and Risk of Arctic Shipping Traffic

Tradewinds Podcast: The Rise and Risk of Arctic Shipping Traffic

  Clean Arctic Alliance Lead Advisor Dr Sian Prior interviewed by Eric Priante Martin on audio edition of Green Seas, which explores the environmental consequences of shipping as the ‘frozen north’ thaws. More ships and a wider variety of ships, including older vessels not built for ice, are transiting the Arctic as Russia looks to […]

Press Release: Growing International Chorus Demands Reduction of Arctic Shipping Impacts

Arctic Ocean Action: If the Arctic is in crisis, the our planet is in crisis

Responding to the increasing pressure on the Arctic region by the climate crisis, more than 75 organisations and individuals – including scientists, writers, and photographers, have signed up to the ‘Arctic Ocean Action’, which calls on the international community to support “equitable transition and urgent action to reduce shipping impacts on Arctic wildlife, habitats, ecosystems and communities”.